Friday, 27 January 2012

Capcom Must Die

Yesterday I drew some Mega Man fan-art. I still love the character designs and the potential of their games, but Capcom as a company has mutated into something awful. And I've decided to stop giving them my business.

In fact, I'd suggest you stop giving them your business too. No, really. Stop giving Capcom money. Stop it. Don't buy that new Resident Evil, don't buy whatever stupid Street Fighter vs. Sesame Street crossover they're making. We have to stop rewarding these people. Money is the only language this company understands, because they sure as hell don't understand creativity or respect.

Capcom hates you. You do realize this, right? Capcom hates you as an individual. You are an ATM machine to these people. They hate you, and your family, and that thing you love. They hated Keiji Inafune, the man who made them wealthy. The man whose ingenuity and hard work provided them with franchises they are still taking advantage of. They hate the fact that you wanted Mega Man Legends 3 more than Street Fighter vs. Sex And The City. They hated the fact that you keep asking for a character from a franchise they openly despise to keep making fighting game appearances. They hate Capcom-Unity for giving people a peek at the game development process.

They look at the people who allow them to prosper as unwashed, unworthy masses. They feel entitled to their success. I say the time has long since passed for us to take that away. This is absolutely something we can do.

Don't believe me? Think I'm over-reacting, and that they're actually nice guys? About 80-90% of their games are contractually-obligated sequels. When was the last time you saw a new Mega Man X game? How about the ZX series on the handheld consoles? Notice how those two retro, classic games 9 and 10 kind of stopped the moment Inafune ragequit their offices? Almost 100% of their products have to be sequels or spinoffs, and we haven't seen dick with the Mega Man franchise, or any of their offshoots in years. And there's nothing on the horizon.

What do you think that says? That they genuinely love and support those games and characters, and the millions of fans worldwide?

We would settle for a cameo in a fighting game, even. When it came time to finally answer our pleas for a blue bomber cameo in a fighting-game, they specifically chose the greatest shame the series has to its name: The ugly-as-sin box art version of Mega Man. Not the Classic version. Not the Legends version. The one that is routinely considered the most appalling aspect of the franchise.

This is not tongue-in-cheek. This is not them being silly. They are trolling you. They hate your guts, they hate the Mega Man games, and this is their way of expressing that contempt while still demanding your money.

No, NO, I don't care if this company gave you a lot of happy memories growing up. Because their games have done the same for me. But it was in SPITE of the leadership in their Japanese headquarters that their games succeeded. It was due to the tireless efforts of employees they never appreciated. They honestly believe they can still run a business without that type of person working for them.

As long as you keep giving them money, they will be right. I know you're all too weak and have bad taste in games. I know you're too entrenched in a Pavlovian response cycle to stop buying Resident Evil and Ryu Punches Mr. Rogers. But this is one man whose money this company will not see again, until they get their act together. They are not entitled to your money just because they made a game with zombies and Chun-Li in it.

I'm putting them in my blacklist, right along EA and Activision of game companies I won't support any more. I'm sure it will amount to nothing. I'm sure the people reading this are so used to being treated like animals that they'll make this company many more millions. But at least it won't be my fault anymore.




  1. Capcom must dissapear.
    There are too many DLC,usseles,pay-to-play companies...
    And i just don't like them