Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Game Grumps Are Racist

I believe Arin Hanson and Leigh Avidan are racists, and "Game Grumps" as a brand should not enjoy the preferential treatment the internet has given to them. Other Youtubers(former host Jontron, and Pewdiepie) have faced backlash for sentiments and "jokes" bordering on senility, but that shit never seems to stick here.

But before we get into examples/receipts and all that, we do have to ask an important question:

Monday, 14 August 2017

Here's Not Here

I'm working on a masterpost of awful shit the Game Grumps have said and done, although right now that pales compared to some much darker shit that's happened lately.

I tend to have more to say about less important topics, like video games that I think are bad and smelly and dumb, so this will not dwarf that article. The important shit often leaves me at a loss for words. But I'll do what I can here.

One of the more profoundly upsetting things I've seen in the aftermath are people on social media claiming that any violence, even against the worst people, is exactly the same as terrorism.

I understand pacifism. I am deeply upset by even the suggestion of violence(which is a far cry from the gorey movies I enjoyed as a kid). But not everyone shares my feelings on that. In fact, a common tactic of fascists is to paint retaliation as morally bankrupt, even if it's in direct response to their own violence.

To that I say: BULLSHIT.

Abhorring violence in concept does not make it go away in reality. You can, in fact, fight monsters without becoming one yourself.

Just a friendly reminder, in case any of you were shedding a tear over white supremacists getting maced(but not the people they ran over, or the lady they murdered).



Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Get Out

I wasn’t immediately sold on “Get Out” as a horror movie, but that was based on a misguided definition of what a horror movie IS.

It is not necessarily always a movie that spooks you and you go “AH!!” involuntarily.

Horror can also be something that knocks you off-balance, that shakes your understanding of the world. And even long after the movie is over and even if you feel safe, you can still feel something rattling inside you.

In that sense, Get Out is one of the greats.