Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I think my biggest problem looking at and hearing about Skyrim also applies to a lot of other games. Not the fact that I'm bored of glitchy, mile-wide, inch-deep sandbox games with no real end-goal, no interesting characters, and the same handful of enemies and environments. No.

It's the dragons.

Anyone hyping up their game(or movie, or book) with dragons is a developer that has no ideas. Dragons, as an obstacle in a fantasy game are what happen when you are bankrupt of imagination. Not even cool-looking robot-dragons or something, like the PSO series does now and then. Not even fat dragons or anything that plays on the old formula, but the same generic, black, thin, spiky, long-necked cliché we've been fighting since time immemorial.

Dragons aren't cool anymore.

Is anyone still excited about fighting dragons in games? Is there anyone who honestly hasn't defeated hundreds of the things over the years? It's always the same: It flies around, lands, roars, breathes fire, you stab it, one of you dies. Is anyone even remotely interested in repeating this series of mechanical actions again and again?

There are so many interesting sources of mythology to draw from for cool monsters. Deliberately choosing the most tired, overdone concept is inexcusable at this point. We have the technology now to render anything the mind can dream up, and that's the best Bethesda can come up with?

It's like pitching your first-person shooter on the fact that it has bald racists.



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