Wednesday, 18 January 2012


On the one hand, Red 5, the developer behind the upcoming MMO: "Firefall" have decided to pull out of the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is out of protest over the SOPA/PIPA nonsense that threatens every facet of online media, including their game. Pretty ballsy move, and I commend them for that.

On the other hand, "Firefall" is being written by Orson Scott Card, a notorious homophobe who's known for financially supporting some anti-Gay movements/organizations. So it's kind of already on my personal blacklist. That's not really Mark Kern or Red 5's fault, but it is hard for me to respect anyone who's willing to associate with someone that bigoted. (See also: Koichi Sugiyama of the Dragon Quest series)

Although it's well within their rights, and I wouldn't want that taken away just to appease my interests. They're allowed to work with jackasses, and I'm allowed to not buy their product. So the question remains:

Do I support these guys, as thanks for standing up when other companies will be too terrified to lose the E3 publicity? Or do I keep boycotting their product for its association with an evil lunatic?



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