Sunday, 3 July 2011

Review Ratings

Once in a while I will post a review of something here. Movies, games, maybe an album or a novel or something else. Depends. While I believe the actual words should take precedent for whoever might read these things, I know that people don't always have time to go through an entire wall of text(which I am prone to provide, brevity not being a talent of mine).

So we come to ratings. I have a rating system which combines the needless constrictions of the "Four Star" system, and the redundant stupidity of the "...OUT OF TEN!" rating guide used by shitty video game websites. It's out of 5, but I make room for .5s too, so there's a total of 10-11 possible ratings.

(Five being a thousand blowjobs, and Zero being a thousand blowjobs, BUT they're all from the Crypt Keeper.)

For those of you curious, that's supposed to be the face of an original(pfft, HAHAHAHAHA) character I made a while back. I used to have a gamer webcomic with this guy at the same time I was writing the odd review, and I thought a symbol of his face/mask/thingy would tie in well enough. Now I guess it doesn't really serve any purpose still being there, but I like it, and it's my site, so fuck all ya'll so yeah.

I know ratings like this are stupid. Roger Ebert once wrote: "I write reviews for those who can read, not those who can count."... or something. Yeah, maybe they're dumbing down society or whatever. But that's the way the wind's been blowing for a while now, and I might as well take it seriously. Or at least, try to be consistent with how I give them out.

Just posting this so that you'll know what that weird little icon is at the top of future reviews I'll post here.



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