Saturday, 23 July 2011

A New Challenger Appears!

-Freddy Krueger is in Mortal Kombat.

That... actually kind of fits pretty well by guest-character standards in fighting games.

Jazz Hands

-Phoenix Wright is playable in Ultimate MvC3. Which is pretty rad, but what was even more surprising to me is that "Firebrand" is in there too. That's REALLY reaching back when it comes to obscure Capcom cameos.

Maybe you remember him better from his spin-off, the insanely gorgeous/fuckballs hard "Demon's Crest":

-Poison is playable in Tekken X Street Fighter. 

Originally a background enemy in Final Fight(before that series was swallowed up and absorbed into Street Fighter), her background has a very convoluted history. Since Final Fight was a 2D brawler, legend goes that Nintendo of America had a problem with your character dealing physical abuse to women. So the developer tried to excuse it off by making her a canonical transvestite(because apparently violence against them is okay?). It didn't fly, so they had to replace her and her pallete-swap "Roxy" with two biker dudes.

It gets weirder: There's actually two different canons for her(like she's the fucking Zelda series or something). In Japan, she's pre-op, and in the west she's post-op.

There aren't a lot of trans-sexual/transgendered/intersex/whatever characters in games(and like in film, they probably aren't looked at in the most positive light). While she isn't exactly a role-model for this sort of thing, it's apparent that she has fans inside and out of Capcom. She keeps making cameo appearances in the background of the Street Fighter series, at least whenever a Final Fight character or stage is involved.

I don't know what this says about me, but I think she looks fantastic... I'll give them this, Capcom definitely looks like it's trying to win back at least some of the good will it's squandered from canceling two Mega Man projects everyone has wanted for decades. It'll take more than this though. Maybe if they got the Old Spice Guy in the next Street Fighter.

At least when he's done with his voice-work for Gears of War 3... Seriously.



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