Friday, 8 July 2011

Classic Friday: "We Summon Rock"

Square-Enix is releasing a rhythm-based music game based on music from the Final Fantasy franchise. Sounds interesting to me, since I'm a huge Nobuo Uematsu dork. Today's Friday, Classic was written before the keytar was added to these games, and before the Rock Band/Guitar Hero plastic instrument franchise fad died off(or was it murdered?). That said, I still prefer my idea:

Picture it:

A Square-Enix rhythm-based music game ala Guitar Hero/Rock Band, where almost all of the songs are comprised of battle music from their RPG’s. “We Summon Rock“. The on-stage virtual rockers in the background would be stylized summon spells from the FF games(Ifrit, Shiva, etc.), and the instruments you could “buy” and customize your Summons with would be based on staple weapons from their games. Cloud’s Buster Sword as a guitar, Black/White Mage staffs as drumsticks, Sora’s keyblade as a Bass, etc.

And instead of being packaged with two of its own hunks of plastic resembling guitars, it would be compatible with GH/RB guitars/drums. Reason being to save on manufacturing costs, as well as the fact that our houses are quickly filling up to the ceiling with plastic toy guitars and drumsets.

It would, however, come packaged with a “keyboard” accessory which could be detached from a stand and be played as a “keytar”. Since to my knowledge very few battle tracks in games like Final Fantasy have vocals, the keyboard/keytar could replace the microphone from the other music-based games.

The track list would feature, but not necessarily be limited to:
  • -All 3 Black Mages albums
  • -Select music from the OCRemix CD: “Voices of the Lifestream
  • -Arranged tracks from Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.
  • -You know what, throw some Star Ocean in there too. Maybe some Valkyrie Profile for variety.
  • -And the “Jordan”, “Through The Fire And Flames”-style incredibly difficult song would be “Final Battle With Saruin!” from Romancing SaGa
I challenge anyone to make a nerdier post than this. I double-dog dare that shit.



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