Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Extra Credits: A Shoulder To Lean On

Allison Theus, the artist for the show Extra Credits needs shoulder surgery badly. James Portnow, the writer of the three-pronged weekly effort put up a place to give donations. Because her insurance wouldn't cover it under a "pre-existing condition", they needed about $15,000. As of this writing, they have...

Wait WHAT???

...Man, you guys REALLY like that show. Talk about catching more flies with honey than vinegar. I hope some of the more disgruntled folks working there take notice.

Now, I've said in the past that I don't think Extra Credits is perfect by any stretch, but honestly? These folks deserve it. Allison Theus deserves to be able to keep doing what she loves. If there is anyone, at least on The Escapist who has truly earned this outpouring of charity and emotional support, it's these guys. And unlike some shitheads at the same website, these guys aren't in this for the ego-masturbation. They actually lose money to get each episode out there.

James, Allison and the other guy haven't always said what I like to hear, but they've always tried to make this hobby a better one, more productive, more beneficial and certainly more enjoyable.These are people who truly do care about video games, about the people who play them, the people who make them and where we're all headed. Shamus Young, another Escapist alumni once said in his Twitter feed that they're the best thing on that website, and it's hard to look around and see an exception. Allison's amusing visual presentations are a big part of that.

I kind of wish I weren't dirt-broke at the mo', I'd like to toss some change into that pile. I hear on their Facebook page that they're going to give incentives for those who donate, like special episodes and stuff, and some leftover funds may even go to something like an indie-game development scholarship or something. Unlike a lot of people with blogs or opinion-based web shows, these guys actually believe "Games Do Matter".

If you'd like to contribute a lil' somethin', you can still donate here.



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