Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Halo: On Stranger Tides

Recently a friend of mine became fed up with my negative outlook. He said, and I quote: "You're worse than Yahtzee." He said this, because I was not as shocked or outraged as him that Microsoft is going to make MOAR HALOZ.

I'll talk more about those later. For now, I'm still reeling from that conversation. It's like, what was he expecting? Did he really think anyone at Microsoft would stand up in a board-room meeting and say: "Hey, let's never make another entry of that game series that gives us hundreds of millions of dollars every few years!" Because I'm sure people in those fancy offices are just itchin' to not be rich anymore.

It's like expecting Nintendo to never make another Zelda, or Pepsi to suddenly stop selling soft-drinks. Why would they do this, when there's no financial incentive to stop, the demand is still there, and as long as people are still willing to pay so much for this crap?

And how is that MY fault? I didn't greenlight it! I was not informed, I didn't cast the tie-breaking vote or anything. And even forgetting that, actual -shock- is not an emotion I'm feeling at this news. I know exactly why it happened, and I think the shocking thing would be if the companies involved would stop accepting stupid people's money just because everyone else hates them for it(see: Transformers 3... wait, no, DON'T SEE TRANSFORMERS 3).

he doesn't afraid of anything

It's one thing to be upset that it's happening, and that they will probably suck as much as they usually do. But to have gone this far believing that it wouldn't happen ever again? And why? Why expect someone to kill a goose that lays golden eggs like that? Because we don't need more overhyped brown and gray murder porn in video games? Because putting an end to this crap would be the morally right thing to do? Because what should matter more than money is how much intelligent people actually like it?

Is he alone? Are there seriously people left on this planet who are relying on the moral integrity of business executives?

Man, he must have been PISSED when the Breaking Dawn trailer came out...



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