Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Golf Clap

Yesterday Lulzsec (think Anonymous' annoying younger brother with aspergers) temporarily took down EVE Online, The Escapist's website and Minecraft. Yeah, that'll learn 'em! Because that giant faceless conglomerate Minecraft needs to be taken down a peg?

If I may direct the rest of this article to those who did the actual haxxorz:

Seriously guys? THESE are your targets? At least Anonymous sometimes, maybe accidentally chooses to ruin the day of people who might deserve it. But see, no matter how much good they might do, they tend to immediately go and do something horrible to counter it. Like, say, sending death threats to an underage girl because she wouldn't show them something that can get you landed in jail.

But you, the Lulzship(or whatever the fuck it's called)? You had the chance to do something that could have gotten people on your side. You could have been what Anonymous can't, and been a lot less morally ambiguous about it while maybe making a point(perhaps sending a message to major companies to take online security a little more seriously than Sony did). And instead you're picking on a one-man indie success story and the place where Moviebob posts videos?

And for what, "Teh lulz"? Credit card info? You're able to bring companies' online infrastructures to their knees, and this where you cast the gaze of Sauron? Bravo, sirs. You managed to get a lot of people who would have been on your side to call you fags(and if they aren't, I sure am).



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