Sunday, 19 June 2011

Game Republic

So developer Game Republic vacated its offices, shut down its website and its CEO, Yoshiki Okamoto is apparently missing. Unlike a lot of developers that go bankrupt or otherwise fizzle out, this didn't appear to anyone on this side of the planet to be some long, drawn out, impending doom. Game Republic didn't appear from the outside to be dying a slow and torturous death like most developers who close their doors. I'm sure it was, but you wouldn't think it with the abruptness with which this news came. I didn't even know they were in financial trouble. I was looking forward to Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Okamoto is a veteran of Konami AND Capcom, apparently having hired the artist who designed the characters for Street Fighter, and he had a hand in the first Resident Evil. It didn't seem at all like this was a guy in massive debt, let alone from "disreputable sources".

Very peculiar turn of events.



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