Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Walking Dead: "In The Water"

So, Telltale Games just retconned the first season of The Walking Dead. They’re bringing a dead character back to life. But for some reason they’re keeping that stupid plot twist where Vernon magically became evil for no reason. But it’s okay, because the worst, most insufferable character from the first game is now the main character.

Pre-order now, and the game will periodically inject you with a Mystery Disease!

That went about as bad as could be expected. They're bringing back Kenny as fan-service, even though that doesn't make any sense, because he is placed into one of two inescapable, convoluted situations in the previous game that even the game admits kills him. They're sticking to the gibbering stupidity of Vernon stealing the boat from the survivors, despite that not being consistent with his motivations, or foreshadowed in any way. And now, the most shallow, pandering attempt at writing a child character is now the person we have to play as, so I can't just stick her in a corner and ignore her to talk to the interesting people. All because fans of this game let their paternal/maternal instincts cloud their better judgment.

So they're refusing to fix the stuff they screwed up, but they're going to cheat to make the game's world less believable and more annoying. Great. Because clearly the problem with the first season was that it didn't shatter the immersion with witless story design enough. Terrific.

I guess when a medium has standards as low as video games, this sort of crap can pass for "Game of the Year".



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