Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Fun Never Stops

And now, here is all of the stuff that's pissing me off lately:

-Final Fantasy XIII-2 has me stuck at a location that required the reading of more than 10(!!!) online strategy guides and videos just to make sense of it all. And it's in one of the only areas in the game where the monsters are really cheap and attack you on the field before you even know they're there, and you can't evade them. So it's a non-stop cavalcade of slow, unskippable battles that offer little-to-no experience.

At the end is a boss fight that is far, FAR beyond the level or skill of any player to be at this point. Only a robot programmed to level-grind for months in between cutscenes would call this fair. And he has an attack that wipes my entire team and counts as an automatic Game Over. And this attack shows up randomly.

I don't know what Square-Enix was thinking.

-After hours inside a very long dungeon filled with monster encounters and loot, I get to a room in Skyrim where there is a large sphere in the centre. Along the sphere is a flat walkway rounding up to the top. Next to it is an open space between itself and a wall.

It turns out in this dark dungeon where you can't tell what's a platform and what isn't, there is a space your NPC team-mate can push you into that is impossible to escape. You're too tall to crawl underneath, and the walkway is too high to jump back up to. And because auto-saves only happen when you enter a new room, and for some reason about 90% of this dungeon is just one room, I lost all of my progress.

I don't know what Bethesda was thinking.

-I was suspended from Twitter for a reason that was stupid and contrary to the intended goal of Twitter. I thought it would be because I'm a jerk. That's understandable. People are cowards who can't handle it when everyone on Earth doesn't just fellate their opinions as if it's a golden gift from the heavens. I disrupt that circle-jerk at any chance I can. It's understandable that a few of them will abuse features of a website instead of simply blocking me. (The new trend on Youtube, for example, is to mark as spam any comment you disagree with, to prevent people from reading it.)

But nope, that wasn't it. It was because I was following what they thought was too many human beings at one time... On Twitter.

Turns out I was banned from a website for using it too well. That's a first.

So I called them out on their bullshit and got an automated response. The e-mail they sent said to look over the rules, so I did. It turns out I can follow 2,000 people in total... but following too many people constitutes account suspension. 

Even forgetting how contradictory that is, I could not think of 2,000 people interesting enough on this planet worth following on Twitter. And even if I did care what a lot of people think, why would this website punish you for using it the way they want you to use it?

Apparently I was supposed to get a warning that I was following too many people(which I couldn't accomplish even if I wanted to). I did not get a warning. My account was suspended the moment I decided to follow Rutskarn from Spoiler Warning. I did that, because the little sidebar on the left suggested it for me, which I believe makes this Entrapment.

There is also the suspicion that I am some automated spam bot following hundreds of links every minute. I don't think there's a spam-bot out there with the opinions I have. Which means they likely thought I was doing this manually.

According to the guidelines, the number of people you can follow depends on how many people are following you.

...No, you didn't misread that. You can only follow people if you're already being followed. This system ensures popular people like celebrities get it easier, and people like me, struggling to be heard or noticed will always have it harder.

I don't know what Twitter Inc. was thinking.

-I had a friend for four years. An artist of impeccable talent. Someone who I thought had vast stores of patience and understanding the likes of which I have encountered in very few people, online or off. I supported this person for four years, emotionally and financially. I was there for her during some dark and crazy times in her life. And whenever I screwed up, she always had my back. She always made me feel appreciated. Even as other friends dropped me, she was always there for me, and I was always there for her.

One of the few people on this truck-stop bathroom of a planet I considered a friend.

Last month she blocked me from Tumblr. Just completely out of the blue. Not even the decency of saying "Fuck you!". For some reason she just cut me out of her life then and there. We weren't fighting recently, there was no build-up to this that could be seen a mile away. She aborted our friendship like she was turning off a light-switch. There was light once, and then... nothing.

She stopped answering my e-mails and still owes me a commission I already paid her for. This is something she has never done before. She has been a professional in practice and spirit for as long as I can remember. This behaviour from her is unthinkable. She was the last human being I ever thought would do this to me.

I don't know what she was thinking.

-Every person I've ever respected is sharing Anita Sarkeesian's latest video.

I don't understand the human race anymore.



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