Tuesday, 11 June 2013

E3 2013: Playstation 4

So, let's recap:

The Xbox One requires an always-online connection, or else after 24 hours it will brick itself and prevent you from playing games. You have to pay a fee to let a friend borrow a game, or to play a used game. The Kinect is mandatory and always listening/watching everything you do, like Orwell's Eye of Sauron. It costs $500.

The Playstation 4 doesn't pull any of that crap, and it costs a hundred dollars less.

Remember when Pixar made great films, and Dreamworks made desperate, cash-grabbing schlock? But then Dreamworks got its' act together, and Pixar completely lost their shit? We went from Wall*E and Shrek the Third, to Megamind and Cars 2. Wasn't it weird how those two decided to trade turns sucking over the last few years?

I never thought I'd see the day where we'd all stop laughing at the Playstation brand. It's been an embarrassment to this industry since 2006. Remember, just a while back we were all making fun of Sony's PS4 reveal event. Now they've got the most appealing major console out on the market(I think most people have already forgotten the Wii-U even exists.)

It's almost as if a corporate giant learned from its' mistakes, and from the mistakes of its' competitors. It's like they're actually paying attention to what their customers want. And then they focused on video games in their E3 presentation, as though that were the main selling point of a video game-playing device.

What a novel concept.



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