Thursday, 25 August 2011

West Memphis Three

It is my opinion(as it is many others') that the "West Memphis Three", 3 young men who were charged and convicted for the bizarre murders of 3 children in Arkansas in the 90's were in fact innocent. The investigation and subsequent trial remains one of the most appalling miscarriages of justice the United States has ever seen. Countless people, in and out of Hollywood have championed their cause to get a retrial, or a new investigation, or something. Anything from a state that would willingly let a possibly innocent man die, instead of facing the consequences of their mistakes.

Why, WHY did I only hear that they have been set free a week after the fact? And that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh pretty much saved the day on this one. How is Kim Kardashian getting married supposed to be higher priority information here?

I'd rather be an uninformed git than watch the news. Look at the priorities of our media and tell me I'm wrong here.

In any case, it's not exactly justice. They had to work out a deal where all of the assholes and idiots(who sent them to prison/death row based on nothing more than the fact that they wore black and read Stephen King) would get NO comeuppance. And technically they would still be considered "Guilty" by the state, on the record. This way, even though they're set free, and pretty much everyone else knows it, the prosecution, judge and police investigators who fucked up three lives while letting a serial killer roam free for 18 years won't have to take any responsibility. Nor will the state have to compensate these three for essentially jumping to Satanic cult conclusions(no, really) and deciding 1993 Arkansas should have a justice system similar to 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.

So, it's not justice. I'm not even sure it's a victory.

But it's a start.



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