Saturday, 28 May 2011

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock Studios, creators of the "Left 4 Dead" franchise were bought by Valve before the game was released. They parted ways. I honestly cannot blame them. Fucking Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was a more polished, complete product, and Daikatana had better friendly A.I. I really am convinced Valve didn't give a shit about the property, and needed a quick buck. So they half-assedly rushed a game not even past its Beta onto store shelves, while charging the same price as games that have the distinction of actually having been playtested at some point.

It's either that, or they're actually proud of a game with no story, non-existent hit-detection and an in-game dependence on a group of suicidal retards(human or simulated). That one seems a little more terrifying to me.

So now that they're free of Valve's uncharacteristic failure permeating their hard work, they're moving onto the greener pastures of... wait, THQ?

Seriously guys?

I know Valve fucked up worse than almost any game developer has ever fucked up in the last ten years when it came to Left 4 Dead, but... THQ? The guys who made "Homefront"? Left 4 Dead was Valve at its absolute worst. Homefront is THQ at its absolute best, which is still pretty awful from what I hear. Is that really a step up?

I hope you know what you guys are getting into, here...



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