Sunday, 29 May 2011


This makes me shake my head.

"GRIN", a game developer that went bankrupt a couple of years ago, recently talked about why the company shuttered, and why(according to them), it's entirely Square-Enix's fault. Namely that they expected the Swedish developer to "meet every milestone" for a Final Fantasy-ish game without, you know, actually getting paid for any of this. And then they asked them to send the game's code and music files through... a fax-machine.


By fax.

That trolling couldn't have been more hardcore if they'd faxed over a picture of Rick Astley.

The most interesting part to me is when, to see if they were full of shit, GRIN sent over a piece of Final Fantasy XII concept art, while saying it was for this new "Fortress" thing they were working on. Just to see what their reaction would be.

"It doesn't look like Final Fantasy."

To be running such a big company with such disdain for the people you work with, the customers and what you're selling to them is damning. For a culture big on the whole "honour" thing, this shows a stunning lack of respect. To GRIN, who had to fold under the weight of this bullshit, and for the people who have the courtesy to keep these asshats in business.

I mean, I'm not surprised. This is Square-Enix after all. You'll find no closer Japanese equivalent to Activision. It's pretty clear there is some rotten leadership going on in that company. Yoichi Wada is the same guy who was disappointed that Chrono Trigger only sold a lot of copies  of a game most people already own/emulate. That's what happens when you also run the company that sells the Dragon Quest games. Your perception of success becomes skewed.

When you're that successful(which according to recent findings, they're NOT), maybe you start to think you can act like a shithead at other people's expense. And they're going to keep getting away with it as long as you and I are stupid enough to keep giving them money.



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