Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fez II Canceled

After a bitter exchange with Marcus Beer of, Phil Fish has abruptly canceled production of "Fez II".

To this day, I don't understand the hate everyone has for Phil Fish. No one can seem to point me to a specific instance where he ate a puppy to warrant the reaction I've seen. He made some valid criticisms against modern Japanese games, and then after that everyone just seemed to lose their mind. According to the Polytron website, he did this to "get out of video games", and not because of the incident with Beer.

Considering 90% of the headlines for articles talking about this read like: "Stupid Buttface Phil Fish Is A Shit-Clown Who Smells (and canceled Fez II)", I don't blame him. The comments on his own website are worse than anything I've ever heard or read from him.




  1. No one can point to a specific incident, because there is no "specific indecent", it's an accumulation of unbelievable behavior. Did you even read the stuff he sends to people, like "Suck my dick and choke on it"? Have you not read anyone's description of what it was like to work with him, that he was not only unprofessional, but actively hostile? Did you know that he badmouthed his partner in order to take credit for creating Fez?

    The wonderful thing is that all of this is online. A Google search will lay all of this out for you.

    1. Yes, I'm sure all of that has nothing to do with the ridiculous amount of hostility shown to him even by his own fans.

      You can only treat someone like an animal for so long before they bare their fangs.

  2. The problem with that is that Fish was a asshole first. You can't act like an entitled shit and then claim victim status when people call you out on your bad behavior. Fish was a dick from day one, and acted like a dick no matter what treatment he was getting.

    "You can only treat someone like an animal for so long before they bare their fangs" isn't reserved for the super special snowflake Indy Devs. The people Fish interacts with have no responsibility to coddle his ego, or to put up with his behavior. If he wants to be treated better, he needs to start with his own actions if only to save his professional career.