Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fallout New Vegas: "Courier Six"

I'm near the end-game, and I am now regretting not making my main character a black guy.

I'm thinking something along the lines of Idris Elba, or even a younger Sazh from FFXIII. Early 30's, someone who appreciates the sometimes wacky situations he finds himself in, but mature enough to understand the danger he finds himself in. Capable of violence, but always willing to find a better way out of a bad spot. Inexplicably convincing.

All of my playthroughs have used fill-ins for characters from other stories I have, just emulated in Fallout's character-creator. But now I'm really wishing I'd chosen differently. Now when I look at my character in the third-person camera, he doesn't look right. That's why I make him wear helmets and masks, and other obscuring items. So I can imagine him as he looks in my head now.
(I also want this because I think he should have something extra in common with a character from Lonesome Road[of which I have only seen screens, and do not wish to spoil for myself until I can afford to buy it].)

At first I tried to excuse myself from this, because there are already a huge amount of black characters in this game, good, bad, young, old, etc. So I figured they weren't being under-represented. But I've changed my mind. Perhaps tomorrow I will change my mind again. Perhaps he should be Asian, or Native American.

But if I can't change his appearance in-game, I'll just have to draw him the way I see him in my head. The way "Silas the Courier" must look.



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