Friday, 8 June 2012

FFV: Four Job Fiesta Introduction

There's this thing called "Four-Job Fiesta". It's sort of a cross between the Nuzlocke challenge and a charity speed-run, but with Final Fantasy V. Essentially, it's a fan-concocted Hard Mode for a game relying on the honour system.


In that game, your party accumulated a series of "jobs" in battle. Samurai could use swords and throw money(?), Black Mages could use magic spells, etc. Every character gets to be a different class, or you can have duplicates if you want.

The idea here is that you tweet the guy running this thing when those jobs are available, and then he randomly decides which Job your party has to be.

You get to be a new job as the game goes on, and more are unlocked. But by restricting yourself from just picking whichever job you want, it's supposed to make an already tough game even more challenging. Or at least more interesting.

Here is why I think that is stupid:

You start out as a default class, but early on you earn six starting classes. The problem with the official rules for this thing is that your entire team has to be one Job. If all of your characters ending up as the same job were a risk, that would make this a little dangerous. And that's where the fun and challenge comes in, which is the whole point. Maybe you'll be the poor bastard who ends up with a team of four White Mages, weaklings who specialize in healing spells. There has to be that gambler's element to it.

But no, you all have to be the same thing. Because they say so. Even though it directly undercuts the entire point of this exercise.

I say fuck that, I'm making my own rules for it.

  1. Every time you gain new job classes, open up a random number generator. Input Min. "1", and Max. of the total number of jobs available to you. Do this four times, one for each character in your party. Whichever number you get corresponds to that job.
  2. If you don't like the jobs you got, TOUGH SHIT. Ride it out until you get the next upgrade in the story.
  3. Once you have access to every job in the game, roll the RNG one more time. Whichever jobs you are assigned at that point will be the only jobs you can use for the rest of the game.
  4. You may select whichever Secondary abilities you've accumulated from past jobs, and can switch between them as you see fit.
  5. The only time you may switch jobs is if a situation comes up in the main storyline where a job-change is mandatory to continue. Afterwards, you must switch back.

I'll let you guys know how this turns out...



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