Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Halo 4 Wallpaper

So I get an e-mail from Microsoft telling me about "my piece of the Halo 4 puzzle". Forgive me if I can hardly contain my excitement. <_<

Well, if nothing else, the Halo series usually has some decent Alternate Reality Game promotions. Hell, Halo 2's "I love bees" practically put them on the map. This could be somewhere just barely not approaching the level of fun if I somehow found other people with other pieces to put this thing togeth-

Wait, what's this? If you open a new tab with the picture, it literally says something like: "h4_11"? And if I just adjust the numbers in there, I can get the entire picture?

So, they're confident enough to give you a vague puzzle to promote their upcoming software, but not confident enough that anyone would cheat? No wonder 99% of Reach players are console-modders. Well, I've got nothing better to do:

Well, at least they flipped a couple of pieces upside-down. That added tens of seconds to the work needed to uncover this mystery. Eat it, Sherlock Holmes.

...Yeah, seems kind of lazy and sloppy(notice the flurry of default Photoshop airbrush lines in the upper left. "DUH, NOT ENOUGH STUPID CRAP" *scribble*). But to be fair, I did spend 20 minutes putting this together, so I guess they met their goal of getting someone to notice it. 

I'm still not going to BUY Halo 4 though, so let's be charitable and call it a draw.

While we have it here, let's see what story tidbits we can gather from this wallpaper: From the looks of it, several ships appear to be floating in orbit, and there's a giant mechanical asshole...

And directly behind him is a large portal of some kind.



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