Thursday, 15 December 2011

Plankton Parade

Linkstorm ahead:

My favourite remixer from is listed in the Soul Calibur V soundtrack. Andy "Zircon" Aversa will be contributing original compositions, alongside industry vets Inon Zur("Dragon Age"), Hikoku Kikuta("Secret of Mana") and more. They'll join the series' mainstay composer Junichi Nakatsuru, who is himself no slouch in the video game music department.

A positive development. This might just be the type of thing that could give this game a shot in the arm. Especially considering how the series almost ended to the sound of a wet fart.

More good news: Nintendo continues to baffle me with its choice of releases. Not that I'm not glad we're getting Rhythm Heaven. But that's a series known for a very specific, Japanese sensibility and tone. But hey, this is coming from a guy who played the original RH on an emulator, in its native language. I didn't care that it was bizarre and in a language I don't speak. Fun is universal.

If they've finally figured that out, and if they believe they can sell that to a western audience(and good on 'em for taking that chance), they really have no excuse for letting The Last Story and Pandora's Tower slide now.

In any case, good news all around. Although I do wonder what it will look like if they edit it for an American audience...



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