Friday, 29 April 2011

PSO2 Trailer

As the title says, here is the trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2. Like the other series Sonic Team works on, this one's had a string of titles ranging from merely tolerable to history's greatest crimes. From what I've heard, the difference between "Online" and "Universe" is the difference between Batman Begins and Batman & Robin. Looks like they're going for the middle ground here(Batman Returns?). But like the Sonic games, the music seems to be the only aspect of these games that rarely suffers. And there's also the matter of continuity betwee-

Holy shit! Blackface!


Actually though, it's not nearly as bad as say, Oil Man. The face actually could work. The problem is the colour of his lips and face, which spring to mind Al Jolson instead of what dark-skinned human beings actually look like. At least this would be an easy fix when it comes stateside.

Well, except there's also the writing. I mean, yes, sometimes we get Sazh Katzroy from Japan, but we're not always that lucky. But then, I wonder how many people will even notice this in a game that is more about online co-operative gameplay than a focus on story...



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