Wednesday, 27 April 2011

George Romero With An Electric Hammer

...Game of the Year?

Okay, technically it's DLC for a game that's already out. But come on. Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robert Englund vs. zombies. That should be EVERY GAME!

(If there's a low-point, it'd probably be Michael Rooker, who you might remember as the worst character from The Walking Dead.)

EDIT: Wait, I was mistaken. Michael Rooker isn't the main character in The Walking Dead. I thought that was the guy with the one stoned facial expression. Turns out Rooker's the one who played the racist biker dude character.

Okay nevermind, I'm glad he's in there now.




  1. I'm zombied out at this point.

  2. Ryan:

    That's something I hear a lot lately. That there's too deep a saturation of zombies in popular culture right now. And I totally get where people are coming from.

    But I will never, ever, ever get tired of 'em. People are looking at this and thinking: "Ugh, not MORE zombies!".

    Not me. I'm loving every second of this. Chalk it up to my love of survival stories, and fiction where a random group of people have to settle their differences to fight a common foe. Perhaps my fondness for post-apocalyptic settings, or for a pump-action shotgun, but God help me I love it all.