Friday, 28 July 2017

Dark Souls 3: No Deaths Run FINALE

Welp, I beat Dark Souls 3 without dying. It took just under 40 hours in the one playthrough, and about a bazillion failed playthroughs where I would start a new game any time I died.

The only rules were to beat every boss in the game without dying. It wasn't about getting 100% of all of the items and secrets, and it was not a speed-run. It was just to see if I could do it.

Here's footage of the last boss fight in this run. Obviously there are late-game spoilers:

There are people who can beat this game in 3 hours without even getting hit ONCE. I'm not sure how. This game breaks and cheats so badly and so often against the player that it really does feel like sheer luck that I "won" this time, but not any of the dozens of other times I tried.

So that makes 3 of the Souls-ish games I've beaten without dying. DS2, Bloodborne and now DS3.

Speaking of Bloodborne, I forgot to make a post about beating that without dying. So ummm... here's that too:

I forget why I wanted to do either of these things.



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