Friday, 2 June 2017

Fave Things Of 2016: Part II

Here's the rest of my annual list of things that I thought were good.


5. Trico

I love Trico, the fluffy cat gryphon thing from "The Last Guardian". I haven't even finished the game. I just like having it in my house, and knowing that it's real. After so many years of doubt, it exists.

And Trico makes my heart hurt, he's so precious.

...She? Whatever, 10/10, would recommend this Trico


4. Yuka Kitamura

Between Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, Yuka Kitamura has quickly become one of my favourite new composers in video games.


3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This is the Star Wars movie I was hoping "The Force Awakens" would be. It's the Star Wars movie I've been waiting for since I was a teenager, but I thought would never get made. I thought the people who make and finance these movies were too in love with lightsabers to care about less... marketable things inside that film universe.

I've always wanted to see how human beings on the surface of these stories deal with these struggles, without the comfort or crutch of magical destiny superpowers. A rebellion is not clean. But rebelling against an overwhelming evil is more important than anyone's life. Even if it means getting your hands dirty. Even if you won't be around to enjoy the victory.


2. Steven Univ-WAIT, WHAT???

In my 30 years on this Earth, I have never seen a television show descend so far into the pits of awfulness... and then pull itself back out, even better and stronger than before. I didn't think it was possible for any show to escape that event horizon.

This one did. Steven Universe is the first TV show to jump the shark, and then get back into the water and beat up that shark, tame it, and ride it back into respectability.



Bernie Sanders should have been the 45th President of the United States. Barring that, it should have been Hilary Clinton. Barring that, it should have been a copy of Scrubs, Season 3 on DVD soaked in cat piss. Literally anything else would be better than what we got.

I get that he is a politician, and not some infallible deity. He would not magically fix all of our problems. He's not without sin, he could not possibly deliver on everything he thinks people want or deserve. It might not even be in his best interests. Like Barack Obama, I am sure he would have made at least one political decision that would leave me questioning his worth as a human being. But that has less to do with the specific person, and more to do with the unavoidable complexities and ugliness that comes with leadership.

I no longer believe there is such a thing as a "great" president, but I think we are all seeing how much worse we could do than with him in charge. Sanders tried to run for the right things, and tried to unite people for the right reasons. Mostly. And when that nightmarish election was over, he didn't give up. In the most hellish period of despair and defeat I've felt in many years, he didn't stop. He's still fighting. He's still trying to be heard. He's still flailing against that storm of shit.

When I saw that bloated sack of dog diarrhea win the electoral college, I was convinced the world would end. Literally. I was certain nuclear hellfire was on its' way. I thought some truly foul, stupid Americans had stolen everyone's future. I have calmed on this a little more, although it's still an unsettling possibility.

In spite of this, Sanders gave me some small shred of hope. But perhaps more importantly, I saw the people standing behind him. The people who went above and beyond what I can bring myself to do. It is so important to me for someone to try to do something good, even if they can't succeed. He doesn't deserve all of the credit, not by a long-shot. He didn't light the fire, but he helped pass it along. That responsibility belongs to you now, and you're doing a hell of a good job so far.

Don't let it go out.



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