Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Xbox: Year In Review

So THAT'S where 2015 went. I thought nothing happened this year. Turns out I was too busy playing Xbox to notice.

These stats are from xbox.com's "year in review" thingy.

Also, here's something interesting these stats revealed, but they speak more about Microsoft than anything else:

Halo 5. A game hyped up to be the big killer-app title for the Xbox One. The game that somehow found more stuff Halo fans liked that they could throw in the trash(like splitscreen co-op play). The game built around microtransactions to encourage making Microsoft a lot of money, and to keep people playing. The game they got Ridley Scott to produce ads for. They played commercials for it on The Walking Dead.

Basically, they were doing everything they could to make money in a way that looked like it would be successful on paper. People played it for 10 hours and then moved on.

This brings us to "Rise of the Tomb Raider". A game that had no press coverage, and I didn't even realize had come out yet. A game I've only seen one person mention, and that was on an end-of-year writeup referencing games the author didn't get around to playing. I'm not even sure if screenshots exist of it.

People cared more about that, for longer than Halo 5.

I have a bad history with this franchise. I started out this blog so I could complain about Halo. Seeing hubris and incompetence finally catch up to it, and watching it crash and burn is one of the few joys this year has provided.

Although if we're being honest, I think I'd have much rather Microsoft had made a decent game. Even if that meant I'd have nothing to talk about.



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