Sunday, 24 February 2013

Gmail Priority Inbox Ad

I saw an ad on youtube for "Gmail Priority Inbox". No voice-overs, nothing fancy. Just a simple, easy-to-understand presentation of stuff Gmail does. It has music I can only describe as swanktastic. And it's only a couple of minutes long.

THIS IS WHAT ALL ADS SHOULD BE. Especially on the internet. Quick, uncomplicated and mildly enjoyable. There is so much noise in advertisements, so much desperation from people with a terrible need for attention and no ideas. I will gladly sit through this ad for Gmail, a service I already use, and refrain from pressing the Skip Ad button(or from turning ad-blocker back on). I can think of few commercials that earn this privilege.

I will be saddened to discover if I am unable to simply watch that ad on its own, independent of Game Grumps episodes. Look out for it if you get the chance.



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