Sunday, 20 November 2011

Telltale Games: "Jurassic Park"

Telltale Games(Back To The Future, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Strong Bad). Beloved developer of point-and-click adventure games that get rave reviews. People love them.

But apparently not enough for them not to game Metacritic scores. BECAUSE THAT'S THE DEAL-BREAKER FOR EVERYONE WHO BUYS GAMES, LOLRITE

All in a superficial attempt at... what, exactly? To trick people into thinking this wasn't an unusually tired attempt by this company? Did they think they could get away with it, when every other developer who's tried the same thing hasn't? Even if Jurassic Park were an uncommon fumble from this team, did they really think it would risk destroying them as a company? There's a fine line between PR and desperation, but this is the first time I've heard of them crossing it.

And honestly, after that he said/she said Jeep fiasco, it's hard for me to tell if anything that comes out of this company isn't complete horseshit. It's too bad, because this wasn't a developer that had the appearance of Activision or EA, or some other faceless Orwellian corporation that hates you. From what I heard, these were supposedly the good guys. The people who cared about making great games, the people who had their heads on straight in ridiculous times. Some companies take a lot longer than this to lose their soul.

Telltale, I can't comment on your Jurassic Park video game. I certainly won't play it. But not because some critic told me not to. I don't give a flying crap if Kotaku gives Modern Warfare 3 a blowjob in numerical form. I'm not going to play it because you don't trust your audience. Do you know how pathetic you look right now? Even Gamespot thinks you're being too overprotective about your scores!

Can't we rely on anyone in this industry not to be cowards?



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